Kevin Thompson: The DSA’s statement About CBD Supplements Is Trash

Kevin Thompson: The DSA's statement About CBD Supplements Is Trash

Kevin Thompson – The MLM Attorney stated on his facebook:

The DSA considers the sale of CBD supplements violative of their code of ethics.

In my opinion, this measure seems more motivated by anti-competitive reasons than legitimate legal concerns. I have a suspicion that some of the larger companies are tired of losing people to CBD-based companies and they wanted something done about it. There’s a base of companies in our industry that prefer to compete via policymaking than actual competition.

In the DSA’s statement, they mischaracterized the state of the law in the CBD field. The FDA has acknowledged, in so many words, that the “floodgates have been opened” and that regulation is coming regarding the over-the-counter selling of CBD supplements. In the meantime, it’s gray.

It is true that the FDA has issued GUIDANCE on the subject. But guidance is NOT law. And if it were to become law, it would be met with serious challenge from all over the country, particularly at the state level for states (like Tennessee) looking for new ways to juice up tax revenues.

Also, the FDA has not initiated a SINGLE enforcement action against a company solely for selling CBD products. Instead, they’ve sent warning letters to companies that make disease claims (a problem that those of us in the industry are already aware of).

So with that, the DSA’s statement is more like virtue signaling. Or stated another way, it’s just trash.


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