Oussama M’Hamdi Achieves Black Diamond Rank At Validus

Every man is the architect of his fortune, says the proverb. Oussama M’Hamdi is a superb example of just how true this is.

He began network marketing as an eighteen-year-old student who dreamed of financial freedom. But, never one to sit and dream too long, he transformed his vision into achievable ambitions and a productive drive to earn money. Fast forward nine years, and he is among the first to achieve the coveted position of Black Diamond at Validus.

Known for honesty and straightforwardness, Oussama has significantly gained from his experiences in network marketing, both the ups and the downs. Now, with over nine years of network marketing under his belt, Oussama shares why Validus provides the perfect platform to continue realising his dreams:

“Validus founders Mansour Tawafi and Dr Parwiz Daud are friends with whom I go way back in my network marketing career.

Over the years, they have built excellent reputations as leaders and builders of incredible organisations. The deciding factor for me to join Validus was the integrity of these two gentlemen.”

Ever honest about all the possibilities within network marketing, Oussama has previously faced and overcome challenges in the industry. Yet, with his usual positivity, he identifies how every challenge has contributed to his growth as a network marketer.

“Challenges at previous organisations included deception by sponsors, cross-recruitment, and being disadvantaged for standing up against injustice in my team.

My previous network marketing company went as far as to steal from me. So, the challenges have been tough and even painful at times. Luckily, when you meet the right people and join the right company, it makes up for any such losses.

Validus has set such high standards of value, integrity, longevity, transparency, and personal growth that it is difficult to deny.”

Validus’s synergy of training and educating is all set within a core value system that respects both the individual and the team. This formula offers a safe environment for its members to thrive and feel free as independent business owners. For Oussama, with his strategic architect vision, it’s apparent that Validus is not just different but better.

Network marketing does not even feel like work to me.  

Oussama describes how integral network marketing is to his life, giving him enjoyable opportunities to meet new people, network, and learn about new and different cultures. Aside from taking time for spiritual practice within the mosque and in nature, he is dedicated 24/7 to furthering his teams and developing new leaders. Additionally, he sees a higher purpose for his own good fortune.

“I have dreams and ambitions that Validus helps me realise, such as the charity project I am currently developing to make a difference during my time in this world.

I see network marketing as a vehicle to achieve many things, not a final destination. My long-term goal is to fight famine by increasing self-sufficiency in famine-struck communities – to “teach a man to fish.”

Currently, Oussama devotes himself to helping his team members grow and achieve their goals within the business. His aims are uncompromising, and his short-term goal is to create at least ten millionaires in his organisation.

His route to this is refreshingly simple. By being the hardest worker in his team and continuously emitting his best energy, Oussama helps people to feel good, free, independent and safe. He is honest, straightforward, and unafraid of truth or confrontation. If there is an issue within his team, members can trust Oussama to have the appropriate answer or solution.

I would never tolerate cross-recruitment within the team. I am here to reassure every team member that their efforts will never go to waste.

Validus offers me the perfect platform and values to fulfil my promise of good fortune for everyone willing to put in the necessary effort. I am here, ready and willing to guide and share my knowledge with my team and the Validus network.  

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